“Imagine if Wolverine had Green Lantern powers and fought Godzilla in Puerto Rico.”


Centipede Productions, LLC published comicbook, based on a Puerto Rican character created by Leonardo Crespo. TORO was an online pilot comic for Alacrán Comics. It is based in modern day Puerto Rico. Toro [tawr-oh], Spanish term for bull.

It follows the story of a former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Marcos Cepeda who left the military service and became an outlaw. An ancient power was bestowed upon him when the last Native American Chief of the Taínos surrendered his power to his blood descendants. TORO, Marcos Cepeda, now needs to find his inner strength to become what he was meant to be, a hero.

Join us, to follow the story of one of the first Puerto Rican superheroes in our comic book TORO.

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